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Rich and vibrant with cherry and blackcurrant.
Kenya | Nyeri
SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11 | Washed Process
Kenya | Nyeri
SL28, SL34 & Ruiru 11 | Washed Process
  • David Kamau has been the manager at Kiangundo for two years.

  • The coffee is pulped using a four-disc pulping machine.

  • The beans are sent through covered washing channels for grading by weight.

  • A parchment storeroom at the washing station.

Tastes rich and vibrant with cherry and blackcurrant.

Kiangundo is one of four active washing stations owned by the Kiama Farmers’ Cooperative Society. This cooperative is made up of 2,100 producer-members, all of whom farm in Kenya’s central highlands.

The Kiangundo station receives coffee cherries from 800 of these producers – many of them second-generation landholders, whose parents purchased and planted their
farms in the 1950s.

The coffees that make up this lot were grown in the foothills of the extinct Mt Kenya volcano. This area is known for its bright red, nutrient-rich soil, high elevations and cool climate, all of which contribute to the outstanding coffees being produced there.

At harvest time, co-op members deliver their ripe cherries to Kiangundo, where the coffee is meticulously wash-processed. The washing station team, led by manager David Kamau, have top-notch processing practices, which ensure that the coffee ultimately tastes sweet and clean in the cup.  

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