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Our Values

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From the beginning, we have been committed to quality, transparency, sustainability and using business for good. These principles have a real impact on the way we buy coffee, the people we work with, and how we run our business.

Exceptional Quality

We have always taken an uncompromising approach to quality. This starts with sourcing the most delicious coffees we can find from producers who share our values and are also committed to quality. We roast our coffee in small batches on a 45kg Probat, and then taste each one to make sure we are bringing out its most exquisite characteristics.

Our coffee offerings change with the seasons to ensure that we only offer coffee that is fresh, vibrant and at its best. We carefully curate our shop menus, keeping them small and focused so that all our energy is concentrated on doing one thing, extremely well: offering exceptional coffees.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond coffee and into every part of our business – from our packaging choices, the milk we source from Schulz Organic Dairy and the organic Dulce sugar we buy from Costa Rica through to the way we hire and train staff, and the hospitality we extend to each customer, during every visit to our shops.


Transparency is another core value that is integral to our business at every level. We foster and promote a culture that encourages direct, open and transparent communication; it’s an approach that has helped us form long-lasting relationships with our team, our customers, our peers, our local suppliers, and our coffee-producing partners overseas.

We ask for a lot of information from our supply chain partners, and we make sure this exchange feeds in both directions and that we share as much information as possible back up the chain. This approach promotes better understanding of the complexities, challenges and opportunities that exist, and how we can collectively work to support the best possible outcome for all involved.

We are also committed to sharing information with our customers. That's why when you buy our coffees, you will always know who produced them, where they come from, how they were processed, and when we roasted the beans. We are currently working on an annual transparency report which will provide even more insight into our purchasing practices. Watch this space!

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We’re constantly looking at ways to make our supply chain more sustainable and in turn, build a better future for specialty coffee.

We have an ongoing commitment to supporting World Coffee Research and make a contribution to its essential research efforts for every kilo of coffee we buy via their Check-Off Program.

We’re also deeply invested in reducing our impact on the environment and are very motivated to find ways to implement and advocate for positive change.

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Community, and using business for good

We strive to contribute to, and have a positive impact on, the communities we’re connected to through Market Lane Coffee. Here’s how we aim to have a positive impact:

Through our cafes

Our cafes are built on the land of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Kulin nation. We pay respect to these traditional landowners in each of our spaces, and are committed to advancing reconciliation.

The communities that surround each of our shops and our roastery are very important to us, and we place great emphasis on developing meaningful and ongoing relationships with our customers in each of these neighbourhoods. It's what gets us out of bed every morning; we absolutely love being part of people’s daily routine.

We are passionate about supporting and celebrating local businesses and creatives. In designing our shops and filling our retail shelves with goodies, we’ve worked with many local artists, ceramicists, writers and designers whose work we love and are delighted to showcase.

We also partner with several local charities and social enterprises to provide support to those in our community who are disadvantaged or underserved. Over the years, we’ve built ongoing relationships with SCARF and Children's Ground.

Through our team

We have a staff of over 50 amazing individuals on board at Market Lane.They are positive, passionate, warm and thoughtful, and they help create a happy, enthusiastic and supportive workplace. We work hard to nurture this culture and create an environment that encourages our staff to learn, develop and flourish.

Through education

We want to improve people’s understanding of, and appreciation for, specialty coffee. We aim to achieve this through events, coffee education classes, free public cuppings, our educational books and handbooks, the coffee postcards in our shops, our correspondence with our Coffee Club subscribers, and throughout our website. We invest a lot into training to make sure that our staff are well-equipped to help customers who are curious and keen to learn more.

Through the way we buy coffee

We're passionate about, and deeply committed to, buying coffee in a sustainable and socially responsible way. This starts with paying prices that are fair and sustainable, and building strong, meaningful, and mutually beneficial long-term relationships with producers, based on trust, openness and respect.

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