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Our Coffee Up! Podcast is a monthly podcast made by our wholesale team here at Market Lane Coffee. 

A podcast for our growing community of like-minded businesses who want to serve delicious, sustainable and ethically sourced coffees.

Let's talk about Kenyan coffee! 

Kenya is a region known for producing some of the most vibrant, complex, highly prized, and highly-priced coffees. In this episode, Christian catches up with Aislinn Cullen from Melbourne Coffee Merchants (our sister company and sourcing partners). Aislinn talks about her experiences visiting Kenya, how we buy coffee, and some of the challenges facing Kenya’s coffee industry as housing developments on the outskirts of Nairobi are pushing coffee production further to the west.


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Let's talk about Brazillian coffee! 

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, and a staple on our menu at Market Lane year round. In this episode Tyson catches up with Market Lane’s Head of Quality Control, Toshi Ishiwata, to discuss his favourite coffee producing origin, Brazil. Together they discuss why Toshi loves Brazilian coffees so much, his experiences travelling there, and who we work with on the ground. 


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Let's talk about Ethiopian coffee! 

Coffees from Ethiopia are some of the most elegant and nuanced in the world. In this episode Tyson sits down with Jason, one of the founders of Market Lane to learn about how we sources coffee in Ethiopia, what some of our favourite coffees are, and who we work with, and more about his recent travels to this very special origin.


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Let's talk about Colombian coffee! 

Colombia produces a lot of coffee. In fact, it is the worlds third-largest producer. However unlike other large scale coffee growing regions , most of Colombia's coffee is produced by small who own 1 - 3 hectares of land. In today's podcast, Christian chats with Market Lane's Co-founder Jason to talk about who we work with and how we buy coffee in Colombia. Jason also touches on why these coffees often reflect such incredible value, but also why we need to prepare ourselves for the inevitability of paying more for these coffees in the years to come.


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Let's talk about Guatemalan coffee!

Our goal in every country we purchase coffee from is to build longstanding, equitable, transparent and sustainable supply relationships with dedicated coffee producers who share our values and obsession with quality. Together with our sister company, Melbourne Coffee Merchants, our coffee buying team play an integral part in establishing and maintaining these relationships. In today's episode, Tyson sits down with Fleur, the founder of Melbourne Coffee Merchants and one of the founders of Market Lane Coffee, to chat about Guatemala; a country known for its very distinct coffee regions, microclimates, and incredibly complex and floral coffees. They'll cover the the regions we source from, and the stories of the people who produce the coffees.


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