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Partner With Us for Wholesale Coffee

Fleur Studd, co-owner of Market Lane Coffee, stands outside the Carlton shop, holding a cup of coffee

We are proud to partner with likeminded businesses that want to serve memorable, delicious, sustainable and ethically sourced coffees.

At Market Lane, we have been sourcing, roasting and sharing quality, traceable and sustainable coffee since 2009. In addition to our coffee shops, we are a wholesale coffee supplier, providing freshly roasted coffee beans to some of the finest hospitality venues and businesses in Melbourne, across Australia, and around the globe.

The focus of our wholesale program is to provide exceptional coffee, service and support to partners who share our values. Our goal is to help all of our wholesale partners – big and small – present a considered, differentiated and elevated coffee experience, and to add value and insight through training, collaboration and tailored advice.

Our aim is to supply exceptional coffee beans, expertise, training and support to our wholesale partners so they can offer an unparalleled coffee experience.

Our dedicated wholesale team is here to support you and help you succeed. As our wholesale partner you will receive:

High quality, traceable and sustainable coffee

Our approach to quality is uncompromising. It starts with the dedicated, quality-focused coffee producers with who we have built long-term, meaningful relationships based on shared values and trust. We visit these producers regularly, working closely with them to select distinctive and delicious coffees. We then roast these coffees in small batches at our Melbourne roastery, carefully monitoring and assessing each one to ensure that our coffee is always tasting its best. 

When sharing coffees, our goal is simple: to make great coffee accessible and exciting, simple to understand and appreciate, and easy to brew and enjoy. Storytelling is central to this mission – we strive to share as much information as possible about our delicious beans and the incredible people behind them, to get everyone as excited about these coffees as we are.

At Market Lane, one of our core values is Using Business for Good. One way we enact this is to continuously look for ways to reduce our environmental impact. Our coffee bags are compostable, and we supply bulk wholesale coffee to our partners in tins to reduce single-use packaging. Our roastery is powered by solar panels, and we are 100% Carbon Neutral.  

Coffee training and education 

As your wholesale coffee supplier and partner, we are here to help you succeed! A key part of this success is ensuring that your team members are well-trained and engaged, and have the knowledge and tools they need to confidently serve and talk about our coffees. Our wholesale program covers everything – from hands-on training focused on preparing drinks and managing consistency and quality as your business scales up, through to educational sessions that help develop your team’s tasting skills and understanding of how things like origin, processing and variety impact cup flavour and quality. We also have a dedicated wholesale newsletter and a coffee podcast called ‘Coffee Up!’ produced by the wholesale team for our wholesale customers.

Advice and consulting

Since opening Market Lane in 2009, we’ve learnt a lot about running coffee shops. Over the years, we have also gained a wealth of experience by partnering with some of the finest restaurants, cafes, bars and retailers in Australia and overseas. Beyond our training program, we’re also able to provide extensive consulting and advice on design, equipment and workflow. We are here to help you set up or elevate your coffee program, and to tailor it to meet your unique business needs.

Community and events  

We love hosting events and collaborating with our wholesale partners to engage with their team and customers in unique and meaningful ways. Recent events we’ve co-hosted include a session on how to brew better coffee at home, an educational evening about a single coffee-producing origin, and an olive oil tasting and information session. We always value these opportunities to connect with, and contribute to, a community of like-minded businesses, around Australia and the world.

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