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Coffee Making and Roasting Courses

Market Lane coffee classes are a fun, informative, hands-on introduction to specialty coffee. Learn from Market Lane baristas how to make exceptional filter coffee, or master the art of espresso-making. Take a class with our roasting team, and learn how to roast, taste and evaluate your coffee like a pro. All our coffee courses are suited to curious newcomers and passionate home baristas, as well as professionals wanting to brush up on their skills. You’ll leave with new knowledge, skills and coffee-making confidence – and some amazing beans to drink at home. See you in class!

Coffee Class: Learn How to Make Espresso
Spend three hours with a Market Lane barista, learning how to pull the perfect shot of espresso, and steam and pour milk.
Public Coffee Cupping - Brunswick
Our public cupping sessions are for complete beginners to seasoned pros. It’s a fantastic opportunity to taste exceptional coffees, compare them and develop your palate.
Coffee Class: Learn How to Make Filter Coffee
Brewing your own coffee at home is fun, easy and satisfying. The simplest, most accessible way to start is with filter brewing method.
Coffee Class: Coffee Appreciation Class
Perfect for the casual coffee drinker to the coffee connoisseur, this class will teach you all about specialty coffee appreciation.
Coffee Class: Learn How to Roast Coffee Beans
In this hands-on class, our roasting team will show you the basics of roasting coffee, and teach you to taste and evaluate your roasts.
Coffee Class: Learn How To Roast Coffee Beans (Japanese-Language)
A fun Japanese-language class, where you’ll learn the basics of roasting coffee, and how to taste and evaluate your own roast.
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