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We're a certified B Corporation

Market Lane is B Corp Certified

As part of our deep belief in, and commitment to, ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices, Market Lane Coffee is extremely proud to be a certified B Corporation!

What this means

B Corp is a globally recognised certification awarded to organisations that can measurably prove, with full transparency and accountability, that they use business as a force for good – engaging in care, advocacy and action for the benefit of people and the planet, not just for profit.

Why it matters to us

We’ve aspired to be a B Corporation since we first opened in 2009! The B Corp application and certification process was involved and illuminating – it highlighted what we were already doing well, and required us to formally document this through official channels, and it also helped us identify new areas where we can have a positive impact, both within our business and as a business in the community, and to define and set our goals accordingly.

What it means for you!

Since we opened our doors, we have worked to implement meaningful initiatives that are a reflection and enactment of our four core values: exceptional quality, transparency, sustainability and community. The B Corp certification cuts through the noise – in our industry and all industries – to let our customers know with certainty and confidence that nothing we say is mere spin, lip service or virtue signalling; that we are actually doing what we say we’re doing, and we stand for what we say we do.  

Market Lane Coffee is so proud to be a certified B Corporation, and to be part of a small group of companies around the world that represent the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance. It’s a single letter, but it’s a really big deal!

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