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Dulce Sugar

$ $11.00
Made from dried, unrefined sugarcane juice, this Costa Rican Dulce is a gorgeous, soft and crumbly sugar, with notes of molasses and caramel.
  • Ingredients: sugar derived from organic sugar cane 
  • Weight: 25g 
  • Origin: Tayutic Valley, Costa Rica
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Made from dried unrefined sugarcane juice, dulce* is a gorgeous, soft and crumbly sugar, with notes of molasses and caramel.

Derived from organic sugar cane grown in the Tayutic Valley in Costa Rica, this whole cane sugar is the result of a very careful and labour intensive process.

After being cut, the sugar cane travels to the local ‘ingenio’ where the juice is pulped from the cane fibre. The fibre is dried and used as fuel for the boilers, which reduce the juice to a thick, dark syrup called ‘sugar honey’. This honey is poured into a cooling vat and stirred manually with huge paddles to evaporate the last of the moisture, condensing it into the fine grains of what the locals call ‘dulce’.

Dulce is one of the only sugars that is not refined. This means that all of the critical natural vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients of the cane are preserved, making it much better for you than other types of sugar!

*Also known as rapadura (in Portuguese) and papelón (in Venezuela)

This soft and crumbly sugar is also excellent for baking and cooking.

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