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Environmental Initiatives

We are constantly pursuing ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Our commitment to building a sustainable and responsible buisness involves building transparent and meaningful partnerships with our coffee producers, as well as everyone in our supply chain and those in our community. These relationships and our founding values are what drive our decisions and motivate us to continually improve. The following goals guide our decision making:

  • REDUCE & recycle waste where ever possible across all parts of the business

    Some of the things we do include:

    • We recycle all cardboard, plastic and glass. 
    • We also recycle all of our food and coffee waste (spent coffee from brewing and chaff from roasting). At Prahran Market, our organic food waste is taken to a biodigester located at the market where it is turned into fertiliser. In all other locations, we pay to have our organic food and coffee waste recycled.
    • We use reusable tins (instead of bags) and collapsible crates (instead of boxes) for deliveries, and reusable containers from our food suppliers.
    • Paper straws and take away lids are available but not offered as a default.
    • All green coffee jute and grain pro bags from our are re-purposed.
    • We use rechargeable batteries where required. 
    • We offer Returnr cups in all of our shops as an alternative to our compostable takeaway cups. 
  • Strive for energy efficiency and reduction

    We do this by choosing efficient business practices; reducing business travel (using technology to connect), working with local warehousing, and routinely work to reduce our energy consumption in our cafés.

  • Seek biodegradable or recyclable materials where they make sense

    Active steps we have taken to switch to better materials

    • Our coffee bags are made from renewable plant based materials and are partially compostable and biodegradable. Read more here.
    • Our take away paper cups and lids are compostable. 
    • Our iced coffee cups and lids are recyclable and compostable.
    • In our shops, all our paper goods are recyclable.
    • For wholesale orders, we use boxes that are made in Australia from at least 80% recycled material to ship our coffee around Australia. These are recyclable. 
    • We use compostable satchels or recycled boxes and filling for most online orders.
    • We have also switched to environmentally friendly cleaning products in all of our shops.
  • Sell coffee brewing equipment and merchandise that will be used and loved for as long as possible

    The equipment we sell on our website and in our shops is what we use at home and have loved for many years. They have stood the test of time and have been chosen because of their quality and longevity. Where we can we offer spare parts for these products to increase their usability. We hope they remain in peoples home and are used every day for many years.

  • Encourage responsible behaviour from suppliers

    We actively encourage responsible waste management from international and local suppliers and try to work with them to find a better way to do this. We also actively seek out suppliers that have similar values and share our environmental concerns and are taking active steps to reduce their impact and do things better.

  • Actively pursue a better understanding of our impact, and search for ways to reduce it.

    We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact, and will continue to research possibilities with knowledge groups and individuals, in order to implement positive changes.

 Have ideas of how we can do things better? Email us! We would love to hear from you. 

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