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Returnr Cups and Canisters at Market Lane

Returnr Cups and Canisters at Market Lane
27 February 2019

As a business, we’re committed to sustainability, and we’re continually looking for ways to help reduce our environmental impact.

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How do the bean canisters work?
When you come into any of our shops to purchase beans, you pay $6 for the canister - which will be refunded in full when you return the canister to Market Lane or any other venue in the Returnr network. You can swap to a freshly filled canister each time you come in for beans at no extra cost, or alternatively, you can keep using the same canister and we can refill it for you.
Can you get the beans ground?
Yes absolutely! Just ask us, and we will grind them for you.
Are the beans canisters available online?
Not yet, but we hope to make them available soon! They are available in all of our shops. We currently retail our Seasonal Espresso Blend in them and one filter coffee.
What is the capacity of the bean canisters?
They hold 250g of coffee beans, the same as our retail bags, which are also available as usual.
What is the cup capacity?
The cups will hold up to 12oz/355ml to the top fill line, but we will fill up to the lower fill line, which is the standard 8oz/236ml.
Are there lids to go with the cup and beans canister?
Customers are encouraged to purchase a reusable silicone lid, which cost $5.85 and $7.85 for cups and canisters respectively, but we also have single-use cardboard lids for both in all our shops.
Where can I return a Returnr cup or canister?
At any cafe in the Returnr network, including (but not limited to): Seven Seeds, Brother Baba Budan, Traveller, Little Sky Gelato, and many, many more! You can search for cafes in your area on the Returnr website:
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