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How to Make Coffee with a Moccamaster

Pastel Green Moccamaster Coffee brewer

Moccamaster Coffee Brewer: what it is and why we love it

The Moccamaster is an electric filter brewer that makes exceptional and consistent coffee for the whole household or office, and is super easy to use, clean and maintain. It produces a clean, lighter-bodied, complex cup of coffee similar to pour over. It’s a super easy way to brew up to a litre of coffee in under 6 minutes and the hot plate allows you to brew your coffee and keep it warm for up to 40 minutes.

What you'll need

– Moccamaster coffee brewer
– Filter papers (#4 size)
– Scales


      Makes 4-5 servings
      – 75g coffee (roasted for filter)
      – 1.25L of water
      – Total brew time: under 6 minutes
      – Grind size: medium to coarse


          1. Pour 1.25L of fresh water into the water reservoir (up to the 1¼ line). 

          2. Fold filter paper along each seam, open it and place it into the filter basket along with your freshly ground coffee. 

          3. If using the Moccamaster Classic, set the filter basket to open with the setting marked ‘O’ (on the Moccamaster Select, the basket will automatically be open). Turn the brewer on.

          4. Once all water has dripped though, give the carafe a gentle swirl to mix, and then pour and enjoy!

          Hot tips

          For large brews (750ml–1L), the grind size should be a bit coarser than for pour over and finer than for plunger.

          If you’re making a large batch (i.e. 1L of coffee), it can help to stir the coffee in the filter basket – once the coffee is covered with water, give the slurry a light stir to make sure all the grounds are wet. This will help the coffee extract evenly.

          If you want to make less coffee, simply use the ratio of 60g of coffee/1L water (i.e. to make around 2 cups, use 500g of water and 30g of coffee). Moccamaster recommends cleaning your machine every 2–3 months. See our guide to cleaning your Moccamaster.


          If you live somewhere with hard water, we recommend descaling your Moccamaster every 3 months; for places with soft water, we recommend descaling your machine once a year. See our guide to descaling your Moccmaster.

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