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Coffee Class: Coffee Appreciation Class

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About this class

Who this class is for

This class is suitable for everyone, from the casual coffee drinker who wants to learn more about specialty coffee, to the coffee connoisseur who’d like to taste and evaluate different brews side by side. In this 2-hour class, you’ll be guided through a structured coffee tasting, which is a great opportunity to learn while experiencing different coffees alongside each other. Attend by yourself and discuss with likeminded coffee lovers, or bring a friend, family member or colleague for a fun (and delicious) experience!

What you’ll learn

  • How to assess, identify and accurately describe the qualities and characteristics of individual coffees.
  • The ways in which origin, variety, processing methods and roasting techniques impact and contribute to the coffee in your cup.
  • How to be more confident and informed in front of a coffee menu.
  • What to look for when buying a bag of coffee.
  • How to get the most out of your coffee equipment at home.

What to expect on the day

  • A small group class of up to five people in a relaxed café setting.
  • No previous coffee knowledge necessary.
  • Drink all the coffee you like while learning more about everyone’s favourite beverage! 
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What should I bring?

Just yourself. We’ll provide everything you’ll need for the class.

Is this a cupping session?

No, the coffee served in the class is brewed by a Market Lane barista. This is a great opportunity to taste and compare different coffees side by side, and you will have plenty of time to write down any tasting notes and descriptors, like in a cupping-style tasting.

The class sounds great – is it possible to make a group booking?

 Of course! Get in touch to let us know how many people you’d like to attend, when you’d like to schedule the class, and if there’s anything in particular you’d like to learn about. Email us at

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