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Our guide to the best coffee grinders for home and travel

Our guide to the best coffee grinders for home and travel

Investing in a high-quality grinder will dramatically improve your coffee-brewing game. Here’s our guide to the best coffee grinders for home, office and travel, no matter how you brew your coffee or where you drink it.

It's no secret that grinding your coffee fresh with a high-quality grinder will elevate your morning brew. There are a wide and varied range of coffee grinders available on the market, which can make the decision of buying a new grinder feel a little overwhelming!  But it doesn’t need to be. Whether you are a devoted espresso lover, a meticulous pour over practitioner, or brand new to making coffee at home, we have your daily grind covered!

Choosing the right grinder for you

Before you dive right in to picking the best coffee grinder for you, here are three important things to consider:

  1. Burr grinders are best. All the grinders in the list below are burr grinders, and the reason for this is simple: they make better coffee. We recommend investing in a burr grinder (as opposed to a blade or spice grinder), as burr grinders will grind your coffee evenly, producing a more consistent and balanced cup. Burr grinders also allow you to carefully adjust the size of your grind, enabling you to fine-tune your brew.

  2. Pick the right grinder for your brew method. Some grinders are more suitable for filter brew methods (like pour over, plunger, Aeropress and Moccamaster), while others are more suitable for espresso brew methods (espresso machine and stovetop). Only a few are versatile and will do a good job of grinding for both. Choosing a grinder that has been designed to suit your brew method will ensure you can dial in your grind with precision and ease. 

  3. Consider the context of how and where you’ll be making coffee. Hand grinders are great if you’re making coffee on the road, or brewing filter coffee at home for 1–2 people. An electric grinder will work better if you’re making multiple cups a day for your household, office or guests. Size and aesthetics may play into your decision-making here, too.

      Our top 5 coffee grinders for home and travel  

      Fellow Ode: the most stylish high-quality filter coffee grinder

      The Fellow Ode Gen 2 Brew Grinder marries professional functionality with a considered, minimal and sleek design. It’s precise and easy to keep clean with a small footprint, and it looks great on any kitchen bench! We love how quiet this grinder is and the fact that it turns off automatically after the coffee has been ground. It’s our number one pick for a filter coffee grinder.

      This grinder is right for you if: you make filter coffee at home and want a grinder that is beautiful to both use and look at.

      Perfect for filter brew methods. 

      Breville Smart Grinder: the best value all-rounder

      For value and versatility, we love the Breville Smart Grinder. This grinder is durable and intuitive to use, and easy to clean and maintain. The Smart Grinder moves easily between grind settings and brew methods, featuring a portafilter rest (when grinding for espresso) and an airtight container (for filter). It also has an LCD screen, 60 grind settings, and the option to program your grind (time and grind size). 

      This grinder is right for you if: you’re looking for a good value, reliable grinder for espresso brew methods, filter brew methods, or both!

      Perfect for filter and espresso brew methods. 


      Mahlkönig Allround Grinder: the ultimate espresso grinder 

      TheMahlkönig Allround Grinder is a premium burr grinder built with the same precision as a commercial Mahlkönig but with a price point and footprint to suit the discerning home barista. This sturdy coffee grinder is quiet and an absolute dream to use. It features steel flat burrs that operate at an optimised speed to create an even and consistent grind. It also has stepless grind adjustment, allowing for precise control, and the option to program your grind time. 

      This grinder is right for you if: you have plenty of space on the bench and you’re looking for a grinder that is comparable to commercial grinders in terms of quality and consistency.

      Perfect for espresso machine owners (and will grind coffee for filter methods, too). 


      Timemore C3 Grinder: an easy to use, good-value hand grinder 

      TheTimemore Grinder offers a powerful and smooth grinding experience, thanks to its dual bearings and powerful steel burrs, and it has indicators that make it easy to adjust the grind. It features a stainless steel body and durable stainless steel conical burrs. 

      This grinder is right for you if: you are making filter coffee for 1-2 people at home or on the go. 

      Perfect for filter brew methods. 


      Porlex Mini II Grinder: The most compact hand grinder

      ThePorlex Mini  is our smallest and lightest hand grinder. It has a stainless steel body and ceramic burrs, and the handle tucks into the band, creating the perfect lightweight grinding solution. Great for grinding coffee for 1–2 people.

      This grinder is right for you if: you’re limited on space and need a durable and compact grinder.

      Perfect for filter brew methods.


      Still not sure?

      If you’re not sure which grinder is right for you, we’d be more than happy to chat about it! Feel free to pop into one of our shops and talk to a team member, or get in touch with our office team.



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