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What we talk about when we talk about cupping

At Market Lane Coffee, we hold public coffee tastings every Friday at our South Melbourne shop from 10:30am, and from 10am at our Prahran Market pop-up shop. Our South Melbourne shop is located at #305 Coventry Street, just opposite the South Melbourne Market, and our pop-up shop is in the Fruit & Veg Hall at Prahran Market.

In the coffee industry, 'cupping' is the formal name we give coffee tasting. We use  this system of tasting as an opportunity to evaluate our current and newly arrived coffees, our recent roasts, and coffees gifted to us by friends from other roasteries, both near and far. For customers and newcomers, it is a great way to compare coffees side by side, and to begin to develop your palate. When coffees are experienced comparatively, their different flavour profiles emerge. Over time you can identify a Kenyan coffee just by its taste, and you will know what we mean when we describe a coffee's mouth feel, or identify its flavour as fruity or winey or milk chocolatey.

At a cupping there are up to eight coffees on the table. We always taste blind – i.e. we don't know until the end of the session which coffee is which, to avoid preconceptions of what a given coffee 'should' taste like. We start by assessing the dry aroma, then the wet aroma. Then the fun bit: the slurping and spitting! Our staff will guide you through the evaluation, explaining what we look for when we assess and score our coffees.

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This might all sound a little strange or intimidating, but it's actually really informative and fun. We get a whole range of people in: from food, coffee and wine professionals, to curious customers and coffee newcomers. All are welcome and no prior experience is necessary. Places are limited, so we ask that you book a spot in advance at the links below. We also suggest you avoid wearing perfume or strongly scented lotions, so you can evaluate the coffee without finding hints of eau de cologne in the mix!

Come down and join us this Friday!

Book a spot for Prahran Market sessions here.

> Book a spot for South Melbourne sessions here. 

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