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Toshi’s Japanese Coffee Book

Toshi’s Japanese Coffee Book
7 February 2017

Toshi Ishiwata is Market Lane Coffee’s quality control manager and dedicated sourcer of Brazilian coffee. And he has just published his first book!

Toshi has worked in coffee since 2005 and has been an invaluable member of the Market Lane team since 2010. Toshi started off as a barista and roaster before becoming our head roaster for many years. He is now our quality control manager, as well as our Brazil coffee buyer, and he occasionally runs roasting classes for customers (which are offered in both Japanese language and English).

Toshi has an incredible palate for tasting coffees and knows a lot about coffee! And he has compiled a lot of his knowledge into this small and info-rich Japanese-language book, which is comprised of 12 magazine articles published over 12 months in Dengon Net magazine, a popular Melbourne culture guide for the Japanese community. With updated information and a personal introduction, Toshi writes about his work at Market Lane Coffee, discusses coffee culture in Melbourne and details his thoughts and philosophies on roasting, cupping, brewing, processing, sourcing and traveling for coffee.

Designed by Joshua Loughlan with photographs by Kazuki Inamine, this book is perfect for all Japanese readers that are curious about coffee.

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