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Niche Zero Grinder

Niche Zero Grinder
This grinder is designed for professional use, but its size and design make it perfect for home use too.
MORE ABOUT THE Niche Zero Grinder

Introducing the Niche Zero Grinder to Market Lane! We’re very excited to be retailing this powerful yet compact grinder that’s ideal for home espresso brewing.

The grinder is called ‘Niche Zero’ because it doesn’t retain any coffee from the previous grind, so the coffee you’re brewing with is always super fresh. The clever design helps you get precisely the right amount of coffee you need for each dose – no more, no less.

The Niche Zero has been designed for professional environments, but its size and design make it perfect for a home environment too. The burrs are commercial-grade, and their speed has been optimised to minimise the grind particle size distribution, which helps to produce a balanced and evenly extracted cup.

We love this grinder because it’s simple to use and clean, fits nicely at home, and also because it allows us to brew with precision.

If you’d like to chat to our staff about any of our grinders, please email us at [email protected] – we’d love to help you pick out the right grinder.

Key Features

  • – Zero grind retention: this means you are able to grind exactly the amount of beans you need each time, with no wastage and very little mess.
  • – Grind as you need: no need to store coffee in the hopper. Instead, coffee can be stored in airtight containers and weighed and dosed as required, maximising quality and freshness.
  • – Quiet motor (operates at 72dB)
  • – Easy to use and clean
  • – Professional Grade
  • – Great for espresso brewing. Can grind more coarsely, but given the maximum dose is 50g, this grinder is not suitable for larger filter-based brew methods (like Moccamaster or plunger)


  • Dimensions: 31x21x12 cm
  • Power: 230v | 50Hz (Australian Plug)
  • 63mm commercial grade burrs
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Grinding Capacity: 50 grams
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