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Coffee Brewing & Roasting Classes for Home Baristas

We offer barista espresso and filter brewing classes, and full day roasting courses. Hosted in our Melbourne cafes, come learn more about coffee with us!

Filter Coffee Brewing Class


Brewing your own coffee at home is fun, easy and satisfying. The simplest, most accessible way to start is with a filter brewing method. Come in and spend a couple of hours with the Market Lane team and we’ll have you brewing beautiful coffee in no time! 

We’ll show you the basics of brewing Plunger, Aeropress and Pour Over coffee, and we’ll explore the different variables (grind, time and agitation) that can be adjusted to change the taste of your brew. We’ll show you how we brew coffee in our shops and, by using our simple recipe, you’ll find it easy to brew coffee the same way at home. We’ll be drinking lots of delicious coffee throughout the session, and you’ll also receive a free bag of coffee to enjoy at home!

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Introduction to Espresso Brewing


Introduction to Espresso Brewing is a fun, informative class, designed to help you improve the coffee you’re making, whether you’re just getting started as a home barista, or you need help refining your skills. This hands-on session will cover espresso preparation and grinder calibration, and will have you steaming milk and pouring beautiful drinks in no time. We’ll be tasting plenty of coffee together throughout the session, and discussing what steps we can take to improve the flavour of our espresso.

While this is a mostly practical class, we also value knowledge and understanding, so we’ll be covering topics such as coffee production, the history of espresso, and extraction theory along the way. You’ll also receive a free bag of coffee to say thanks for coming along!

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Coffee Roasting Class - Day Course


This class is great for coffee lovers that are new to roasting, as well as those who have experience roasting and are wanting to learn more.

The day-long course will provide you with a great base knowledge of roasting. During the day, you’ll have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with our Probat sample roaster. We’ll help you develop your palate, and give you the skills to identify (and rectify) roasting faults. We’ll also cover some theory, with interactive lectures that review the physical and chemical changes in roasting coffee. Run by our roasting team, these classes are very intimate and in-depth, with a maximum of 3 attendees per class. You’ll also receive a free bag of coffee to say thanks for coming along!

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