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Meet Our Partners: Hannah and JP from Altius

Meet Our Partners: Hannah and JP from Altius

Hannah and JP were long-time, beloved members of our team at Market Lane when they decided to strike out on their own and create Altius.

The pair ran the coffee shop in Flinders Lane for seven years before moving their operation to a lovely space in Bendigo in 2022. We asked them about their motivation to start Altius, how they juggle their many commitments, and what they love about their new hometown. 

Market Lane Coffee: What made you both want to open your own coffee shop?  

Altius: We had worked in the coffee industry for so long and we felt we had gathered so much knowledge and experience along the way, and it seemed a shame to just move on without giving our own shop a go. We both love coffee, and we really love creating a special experience for each and every customer – a small part of their day to look forward to and enjoy. So, to provide a really consistent, delicious product is important, but a friendly, warm welcome into our shop is just as important in our books. 

What led you to relocate from Melbourne’s CBD to High St, Bendigo? 

We’re life partners, as well as business partners, and we have two small kids. As our family grew, we knew we wanted to transition to regional living, where we thought our little shop would be welcomed. For us, the lifestyle of Bendigo was appealing, so when there was also a nudge from COVID-19, we put the wheels in motion on our tree change. Here we are now, all set up, and our new coffee community is growing, just like our community grew in the city all those years ago. It’s super heartwarming.  

Who (or what) inspires you? 

Along the way through our career in coffee, we have had experiences we have grasped with both hands and carried with us (as well as some we are happy to leave behind)! It’s formed us as employers. Our most positive experience as employees was working for Market Lane Coffee. The staffing environment was so positive and the dedication to quality and transparency of the product was new and exciting for us. Our time with Market Lane empowered us to create our special little shop and helped us realise you can be small business owners and also be happy, kind and supportive people.  

You are both high-performing athletes and parents. How do you juggle or balance all your priorities?  

Ahhhhh that’s a tricky one! We live with quite a structured routine, very early mornings and lists, many lists! Sometimes we have to prioritise and compromise, but at the end of the day it generally all balances out. We love our life, so the hustle is worth it!  
What have been some of the most special moments serving people in your Bendigo shop?  

When people walk in our door and have a positive experience they weren’t expecting. It’s really basic, but so meaningful, knowing we’ve sent them off with a smile on their face and a delicious drink in their hand. It’s the little things for us.    
How do you enjoy coffee at home?  

We brew pour overs at home and travel with an Aeropress.  
What are some of your favourite things to do in Bendigo when you’re not at the shop? 

We love to be outdoors with our boys, exploring. It’s so lovely to be able to walk out your front door and go for a bush walk. There also always seems to be something happening on the weekends, either at the Bendigo Art Gallery, in the parks or other special things. It’s pretty great! 


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