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How we live up to our B Corp certification

How we live up to our B Corp certification

One of the main reasons we wanted to become B Corp certified is to give our customers certainty and confidence that we are verifiably doing what we say we’re doing, and that we enact the values we espouse.

Since Market Lane opened in 2009, we have worked to implement meaningful initiatives that are a reflection and enactment of our four core values: exceptional quality, transparency, sustainability and community.

What we love about the B Corp certification is that it cuts through the noise – in our industry and all industries – and holds us accountable to our own high goals and standards, demonstrating that we are actively living our values, and continuously striving to do and be better. Here are some of the ways we’re living up to the B Corp certification:

Environmental Stewardship

  • We are 100% Carbon Neutral, across our entire supply chain. We’re also committed to an annual carbon assessment so we know where we need to reduce our emissions. Right now, we are working on being certified Climate Active.
  • Our head office and roastery is powered by solar panels, and we are currently working to switch all our energy supply to renewable energy, wherever possible.
  • We have a comprehensive waste management system through which we recycle or compost our coffee bags, milk bottles, paper, soft plastic, organic and coffee waste.

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    Meaningful Employment

    • We have high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. We measure this annually through a staff survey, and our team members have the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback throughout the year.
    • We strive to maintain an inclusive, healthy, non-discriminatory workplace. We have gender parity in our hiring practices, with pay equity across genders; we run regular anti-racism and cultural engagement and education programsand we offer a mental health care support scheme.
    • We offer opportunities for professional growth within specialty coffee. Over 50% of our back-of-house team members began their employment at Market Lane as baristas, including one of Market Lane’s co-owners, and several members of our senior management team.

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    Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing

    • We build long-term relationships with coffee suppliers. We’ve been buying coffee from many of the same producing partners since we opened in 2009.
    • We pay high premiums that sit significantly above the commodity market and Fair Trade price floors.
    • We pre-commit and pre-contract coffee so suppliers can access financing at the beginning of the season, and more confidently plan for their year.

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