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You’ve been gifted a Market Lane Coffee Club subscription!

Here’s how you can redeem your gift:

1. Visit our Coffee Subscription page

2. Select the subscription you were gifted (3 months, 6 months or 12 months) 

3. Select a delivery frequency of every 2 weeks (all vouchers are for this frequency)

4. Select a volume of 250g (all subscription gift vouchers are for this volume)

5. Choose whether you want an espresso roast or filter roast, and whether you'd like your beans delivered ground or whole.

6. Add your final selection to cart and go to the checkout page. At checkout you will need to create an account (or login to an existing one if you have an account on Market Lane).

7. Enter your shipping address and voucher code and you are all set! Easy!

Please note, we will ask for credit card details at the checkout, but we will not charge your card for your subscription!  These details are just there in case you want to increase your volume at any point during your subscription (which you can do via your account) or if you want to add a ‘one-time product’ to a delivery – eg. some coffee brewing equipment or an extra bag of beans.


If you have any questions, or would prefer our team to set up your subscription on your behalf, please reach out – we are here to help!


Phone: (03) 9804 7434

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