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How to Make Plunger Coffee

Plunger coffee: what it is and why we love it

The plunger is one of the simplest (and oldest) brew methods. It is composed of a cylinder – often made of glass – and a metal stem and mesh filter. Plungers are great for brewing for a group of people, they make it easy to produce consistent results, and they brew coffee that works well with or without milk – a crowd pleaser!

What you'll need

– Plunger
– Kettle, scales and timer


      Makes 3-4 servings
      – 50g coffee (roasted for filter or espresso – see note below)
      – 750g water
      – Total brew time: 4 minutes
      – Grind size: coarse

        Note: A filter roast is great if you drink your plunger black, as it will highlight the florals, fruit notes and sweetness in the coffee. An espresso roast is an excellent choice if you drink your plunger with milk, or prefer a ‘stronger’ tasting coffee, as it has a lower acidity and more body.


          1. Start with at least 1L of fresh water and bring to the boil. 

          2. Swirl some hot water in the plunger to heat it up, and then empty. 

          3. Place your coffee in the bottom of the plunger, and then place the plunger on the scales and tare to zero

          4. Start your time, and pour in 750g of freshly boiled water. Let it brew for 1 minute, and then give it a good stir. Now let it brew for another 3 minutes.

          5. Plunge down with care and pour straight away.

          Hot tips

          Plunger coffee should be poured immediately after brewing to prevent the coffee from over-extracting and becoming bitter.

          If you have a different size plunger, simply adjust your water and coffee, using the ratio of 75g of coffee to 1L water (i.e. a 250g plunger would need around 19g of coffee and a 1L plunger would need 75g of water).

          Is your drink gritty or is the plunger hard to press down? Try coarsening the grind a bit.

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