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The ‘Toshi Milk Jug’

The ‘Toshi Milk Jug’
29 June 2011

This jug was originally introduced to us by our very own head of quality control, Toshiyuki Ishiwata.

Even if you have tonnes of practice and skill, you still need good equipment to make great coffee. A sturdy, comfortable and good-looking milk jug makes a big difference to the art of stretching milk (well, the good-looking part isn’t crucial but, if you have to have a milk jug sitting on your bench top...)

Market Lane Coffee is therefore proud to present a high quality stainless steel 12oz milk jug that we like to call ‘The Toshi’. This jug was originally introduced to us by our very own head of QC Toshiyuki Ishiwata (he's kind of a big deal) as his personal milk-stretching weapon of choice. Soon after, we noticed all our baristas sneaking it out of the cupboard to have a go. These days, the Toshi is a regular and much-loved fixture on our bench top, right next to our espresso machine.

We wanted to share the love, so we tracked down the Japanese manufacturer and we’re now offering this coveted barista hardware to our lovely Market Lane customers. Nab yourself one of these Toshi jugs and you’ll be pouring your own triple rosettas in no time. And did we mention…this jug is really, really good-looking?



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