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Our Sugar

Our Sugar

Our deliciously rich and golden Dulce sugar is made from organic sugarcane and grown in the Tayutic Valley, Costa Rica.

We think our coffee tastes best without sugar and encourage you to taste it before adding any. We do appreciate, however, that some people prefer their coffee a little sweeter, so we went on a hunt for a delicious sugar to complement our coffee, and keep our sweet-toothed customers happy. The one we chose is from Costa Rica; the locals call it ‘Dulce’. This deliciously rich and golden sugar is made from organic sugarcane, grown in the Tayutic Valley. It has a gentle sweetness, lovely notes of caramel and molasses, and a soft crumbling texture.

'Dulce' (aka 'Rapadura' in Brazil & 'Papelón' in Venezuela) is the result of a very careful and labour-intensive process. After being cut, the sugar cane travels to the local ingenio, where the juice is pulped from the cane fibre. The fibre is dried and used as fuel for the boilers, which work to reduce the cane juice to a thick, dark syrup called 'sugar honey'. The honey is poured into a cooling vat and stirred manually with huge paddles to evaporate the last of the moisture––condensing it, finally, into the fine grains of Dulce.

Dulce is one of the only sugars that isn’t refined. This means that all the natural vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients are preserved, making it much easier to digest, and healthier for you than other types of sugar.

We love this sugar for its unique flavour. The lovely notes of caramel add a unique dimension to coffee. Dulce also tastes damn fine sprinkled over porridge, mixed into a cocktail or caramelized on crème brulee.

We offer Dulce in the cafe at Market Lane, and we offer it in take-home boxes, too ($11 for 500g). Come in and try it at the cafe, or nab some online. We promise not to tell your dentist. Sweet!


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