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Mushroom Burgers by Market Lane Coffee

Mushroom Burgers by Market Lane Coffee

Our mushroom burgers are so delicious – they are the perfect weekend treat! 

Every Saturday and Sunday at our Prahran Market shop, our dedicated team cook up the most delicious mushroom burgers you will ever taste.

These much-loved burgers were created by Bob Hart (food writer, coffee lover, BBQ expert). Each one contains a giant field mushroom (sourced by mushy specialist Damian Pike), French herb butter, chipotle mayonnaise, sweet onion, and some Parmesan cheese, all enclosed in a delicious Baker Bleu bun. They are sooo good, even meat lovers will be won over!

Join us for coffee and lunch this weekend…and every weekend after! Our Market Lane mushroom burgers are on offer from 9am to 2pm (or until sold out).


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