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Our Limited Release Coffees

Bolivia Gesha Limited Release Collection

Each year we have a selection of limited release coffees on offer, labelled with a special gold sticker on the front! These coffees come in very small lots, sized from just 20kg to 300kg.

These limited-release coffees are our most premium micro-lots from around the globe. Some are selected because of their rare and special variety, others because they have been processed and/or fermented using unusual and innovative methods. All of our limited-release coffees are selected because they are some of the most exciting and interesting coffees we’ve tasted!

Offering these coffees also helps support our producing partners as they experiment and innovate, and seek ways to add value to their coffee output. The high quality and uniqueness of these coffees, as well as their small lot size, mean that the cost (and associated risk) of producing them is often much higher than usual. We only buy these limited lots from producers with whom we already have long-term buying relationships, and from whom we also source other coffees. We work with these producers to commit to purchasing these special lots ahead of the season so they can carefully plan their production, but the bulk of their revenue still comes from the larger lots of coffee we buy.  

Our limited-release coffees are available for purchase on our website and in our shops (but are not served as brewed coffee in-store). As the lot sizes are very small, we roast these coffees in small batches and release a limited and fixed quantity with each roast (often, we retail these coffees in 150g bags instead of our regular 250g bags). If you want to be the first to learn about these exquisite coffees, we recommend signing up to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) for exclusive pre-order offers, as well as following us on Instagram.      

Some recent limited-release coffees we’ve had on offer:


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