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Our Bags

Our coffee bags are different to other coffee bags.
Our coffee bags are different to other coffee bags. We have chosen them because they are made from renewable plant-based materials and are partially biodegradable. They also preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee inside.  Here is the low down on them and why they are so special. 
These bags are made by the team at Pacific Bag Inc (PBi). They are committed to reducing waste and supporting companies in implementing environmentally sustainable practices, with a special focus on the coffee industry. They have invested (and continue to invest) a lot of time, money and research into making packaging that is good for the product and planet. In our view, they are currently the best in the coffee packaging business and committed to finding better solutions to pack coffee better without compromising the quality of the beans inside. 

We have invested in the very latest technology and best version of the bags currently available on the market. They are called “Biotre 2.0”.

These bags and valve within them are made from 100% renewable plant-based materials. 

Currently 60% of the bag is compostable as per ASTM conditions – which means that 60% of the bag will break down within 90 days in a healthy compost. Given enough time, the entire bag will biodegrade. 

PBi are currently in the R&D stage of creating a bag that’s 100% biodegradable, including the valve and tie. Rest assured that as soon as this is an option, we will be using it.


Here’s how to dispose of your Market Lane Coffee bag thoughtfully:

1. Remove the tin tie
This is super easy to remove. It can be reused as a tie for other loose objects or bags, or given to the kids to mould into fun shapes. 

2. Remove the valve on the back of the bag. 
After roasting, coffee releases CO2. This valve acts to let air out (but not in!) ensuring that the bag does not blow up, and the beans stay fresh. This valve is made from 100% renewable materials but not biodegradable (yet! PBi are working on it!)

3. Remove the label 
There are no label companies supplying biodegradable label stock in Australia. Sad but true. The main supplier in Europe has also halted supply due to production issues. As soon as it's viable, we will switch to a biodegradable label stock. 

4. Discard or compost the bag
The remaining bag material is biodegradable. You can pop it in the bin, knowing that when it reaches the landfill, it will break down, or, even better, you can compost the bag. If you’re composting at home, be sure to remove and discard the remains of the bag’s inner lining once the outer bag has broken down.


Want to learn more about what other initiatives we take for the environment?
We are constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment. You can learn more about Market Lane and all our environmental initiatives here.

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