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A new book by Market Lane's own Jason Scheltus!

Coffee: How to Brew It, How to Buy It by Jason Scheltus

Market Lane’s co-owner and co-director, Jason Scheltus, has written a brilliant new book! It’s called Coffee: How to Buy It, How to Brew It and it is published by Smith Street Books.

This is Jason’s follow-up to his first book, Liquid Education: From Bean to the Perfect BrewWhile Liquid Education is a general overview and introduction to coffee, Jason’s new book takes things a little further, explaining some of the more complex aspects of coffee, including buying green coffee, and the ins and outs of the roasting process, as well as offering tips and advice on how to brew a beautiful cup of coffee, in a café or at home.

Liquid Education and Coffee: How to Brew It, How to Buy It by Jason Scheltus

“When talking to customers in our stores, I realised there was a real lack of transparency in our industry about how coffee gets to us from far-away places, how the coffee is priced, and where the money goes. I wanted to break down some of the myths and misunderstandings about how much a cup of coffee costs to make, and show what the costs actually are,” Jason says.

According to Jason, the idea for this book began to form almost as soon as he finished writing Liquid Education!

“A big part of the process was identifying what topics I thought would be most interesting to people, and identifying the level of detail I should go into.”

Coffee: How to Brew It, How to Buy It by Jason ScheltusAlthough Coffee: How to Brew It, How to Buy It is more in-depth and technical than its predecessor, it is definitely still suitable – and interesting! – for the coffee curious. If you’ve ever had a cup of coffee and wondered how exactly the coffee industry works, we think you’ll learn a lot from this great little book. And if you work in coffee, this book covers a broad range of topics, many of which are not covered in other coffee books.

Jason says the part of the book he’s most proud of is the chapter on pricing, which covers both retail and wholesale costs. It’s something that is rarely discussed in the industry, and there isn’t much information available for people to read – it seems to be an industry secret, and there's no real reason for it to be that way.

“I’ve always found that discussing costing details with customers has given them a greater appreciation of the work that goes into coffee production, and enables them to make more informed choices about the coffee they buy and drink."

Coffee: How to Brew It, How to Buy It by Jason ScheltusOne of Jason's best strengths as a writer is his ability to explain things in a fascinating and accessible way. We predict this book will be essential reading for both casual coffee consumers and seasoned industry professionals!

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