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Hasami Mug (Small)

Hasami Mug (Small)
These beautiful mugs are made in Hasami, a town in Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture that is regarded as one of Japan’s leading pottery districts.
MORE ABOUT THE Hasami Mug (Small)

Hasami Porcelain is a line of modular and multi-functional ceramics established and designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto in 2012. It’s made in Hasami, a town in Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture well-known for its pottery manufacturing history, dating back more than 400 years.

Hasami Porcelain successfully marries traditional Japanese aesthetics with functional modern design. Individual pieces are handmade and finished by a team of craftspeople in the Hasami village, each one contributing their speciality at each step of the process. This is how porcelain has been made here since the beginning of the Edo period!

We’re longtime fans of Hasami Porcelain at Market Lane. We love the clever and beautiful design, and its space-saving qualities. Hasami Porcelain safely nest into each other and stack up nicely, just like traditional Japanese lacquer tiered boxes – known as ‘jukabo’ – do. This mug is the smallest in the Hasami Porcelain line, and we love drinking coffee out of it.

85mm (W) x 72mm (H)
Volume: 300ml

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