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Moccamaster Classic

Moccamaster Classic
The Moccamaster brews exceptional and consistent filter coffee for the whole household or office, and is super easy to use. Available in Midnight and Yellow Pepper.
MORE ABOUT THE Moccamaster Classic

These iconic brewers have been produced since 1969 and are still handmade in the Netherlands to this day. We decided to start retailing them at Market Lane after buying them for our Head Office and our homes, and completely falling in love with them!  

The Moccamaster makes great filter coffee every single time, and it is super easy to use, clean and maintain. 

It is also very versatile – you can brew anything from one cup up to six cups of coffee (1.25L) in under six minutes, making it a perfect choice for making coffee for the family, a group of friends or the office. 

Key features:

- The Moccamaster brews coffee in 5–6 minutes.

- It has a powerful copper heating element, which ensures the water quickly reaches the optimal temperature needed for brewing. 

- Water is dispersed from a head with nine holes. This means the water is distributed evenly over the coffee, allowing for great extraction and a balanced brew.

- When the water reservoir is empty, the machine automatically turns off the boiling element. 

- The hot plate keeps the coffee nice and warm. It has two temperature settings, and automatically switches off after 40 minutes. 

- The Moccamaster is built to last! It is encased in aluminium and built with sturdy BPA-free plastic, so it will truly last a lifetime. 

- It comes with a five-year warranty for domestic use.

"We bought a Moccamaster for home earlier this year, and we LOVE it! With two kids, our mornings can be fairly chaotic, but this machine has made brewing great coffee very easy and possible in the mayhem!" - Fleur Studd, Market Lane co-founder

This product includes:

- 1 Moccamaster Classic
- 1 packet of #4 filter papers (x100). To buy refill papers, click here.


Carafe capacity: 1.25L
Dimensions: 325mm (w) x 170mm (d) x 355mm (h)

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