Coffee Flower Tea

Coffee Flower Tea
Hand-picked and dried flowers from coffee trees. Tastes like jasmine, hibiscus, honeysuckle and green tea.
MORE ABOUT THE Coffee Flower Tea

With an interest in trying to make use of every part of the coffee tree, La Linda owner Pedro Rodriguez decided to produce his own coffee flower tea. After experimenting with several varieties, Pedro found that the Java variety produces an incredibly aromatic and distinct flavour. The flowers are picked individually by hand, at just the right time so as not to hinder the production of fruit. They are then dried for a few hours on raised beds to preserve their flavour. Produced to order, this batch of tea was made especially for us - it is otherwise extremely rare and hard to find!

Produced in Caranavi, Bolivia these coffee flowers come from java variety coffee trees, grown at the La Linda coffee farm, which is owned by producer Pedro Rodriguez. 

To Brew we recommend using a french press or a teapot at a ratio of 2-3g of flowers to 220ml 90-degree water. Brew for 2 minutes. Coffee Flower Tea also tastes great iced on a hot day!


Watch our interview with Flower Tea producer Pedro Rodriguez.

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