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Liquid Education: Coffee by Jason Scheltus

Liquid Education: Coffee by Jason Scheltus
Written by Market Lane’s Jason Scheltus, this informative and illustrated book is the ultimate guide to our favourite beverage, from bean to perfect brew.
MORE ABOUT THE Liquid Education: Coffee by Jason Scheltus
In this informative and beautifully illustrated book, Market Lane’s co-founder and co-director shares what years of research and experience in the specialty coffee industry have taught him so far.

Scheltus explains the history and science of the coffee bean, offering explanations and definitions for the words you see on coffee bags and hear coffee professionals discuss – terms like ‘pulped natural processing’ and ‘first crack’.

For home brewers, he shares tips for selecting good beans, and offers easy, tried-and-true recipes for each brew method. And for café goers, there are detailed descriptions of all the beverages on the menu, and a look at the different coffee-producing countries, and the flavour characteristics unique to each one.

With gorgeous illustrations by Daniella Germaine (My Abuela’s Table) this stunning book is a must-have for all coffee lovers. Great for the kitchen bench or the coffee table, and perfect as a gift.

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