La Linda

La Linda
Floral, with blueberry, nectarine and a sweet finish.
Bolivia | Caranavi
Java | Washed Process
Bolivia | Caranavi
Java | Washed Process
  • La Linda, is located in the colony of Bolinda, which lies in a lush mountain valley outside of the town of Caranavi. 

  • Fifteen years ago, Pedro Rodriguez recognised the potential for specialty coffee in Bolivia. He built a visionary business called Agricafe, which focuses on forging long-term relationships with producers, based on mutual trust and benefit. 

  • La Linda was the first farm that the Rodriguez family planted. They have invested a lot of time and effort into making this a 'model' farm that other producers in the area can learn from.

  • This special lot was picked and processed on the same day at the Rodriguez family's Buena Vista Mill.

  • The meticulously run Buena Vista Mill processes many of its lots separately, allowing for full traceability back to the individual farmer or colony.

This very special Java variety micro lot was processed at the Rodriguez family’s Buena Vista Mill.

This coffee was produced by Pedro Rodriguez outside the town of Caranavi, Bolivia, 1,432 metres above sea level. Through Pedro's business Agricafe, he works tirelessly to build up the quality of, and market for, Bolivian specialty coffee.

When it became clear in recent years that many farmers were pulling up their coffee trees and instead planting coca for the illegal drug trade, Pedro decided to establish model farms ­– to guarantee supply, and to demonstrate to farmers what can be achieved with the application of modern farming techniques and a scientific approach.

La Linda was the first of 12 farms the Rodriguez family established. As Pedro’s colleague (and daughter) Daniela told us, “Starting with our own knowledge and making plenty of mistakes, La Linda has turned into one of our biggest success stories. What we learnt in La Linda has developed and shaped the plans for our future farms.”

This coffee is a very special and tiny micro-lot. With its floral notes and intense sugary sweetness, it jumped out at us on the cupping (tasting) table when we visited Bolivia last year.

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