Buf Umurage

Buf Umurage
Creamy and rich, with a caramel sweetness, orange and black tea.
Rwanda | Huye District
Red Bourbon | Washed Process
Rwanda | Huye District
Red Bourbon | Washed Process
  • Buf Coffee is managed by it's founder, Epiphanie Mukashyaka, and her sons Samuel and Aloys, who have taken an active role in running and expanding the business. 

  • Umurage collects coffee from 412 farmers that grow coffee in the surrounding area. The ripe cherries are hand picked, and then delivered to the washing station - on foot, by bike, and by trucks that pick up cherries from various pick-up points.

  • Epiphanie's aim with buliding these washing stations was to improve the quality of coffee by shifting the focus from producing commercial coffee, to producing high quality specialty coffee. As a result, she not only improved the livelihood of her own family, but also those of her community.

  • The water at Umurage is incredibly clean due to the washin station's proximity to the Nyungwe Rainforest and River Nile. This combined with the area's nutrient rich soil and high rainfall contributes to a clean and bright cup of coffee.

  • Umurage translates to "Heritage" in Kinyarwandan. Ben from Buf Coffee explained, "This name acknowledges the generations before us who farmed coffee. It recognises our obligation to sustainably produce coffee, in order to transmit coffee farming to our future generation". 

This coffee is creamy and rich, with a caramel sweetness, orange and black tea.

We are extremely excited to offer this coffee, as it comes to us from a brand new washing station called Umurage, located in the Huye District in Rwanda’s Southern Province.

The station is owned and run by Buf Coffee, which was founded 18 years ago by the incredible Epiphanie Mukashyaka. After the devastating loss of her husband and a child in the Rwandan genocide, Epiphanie rebuilt her life – and that of her community – by turning her focus to specialty coffee. She now runs Buf alongside her sons, Sam and Aloys.

Umurage collects coffee from 412 local farmers, who grow coffee 1,600-1,800 metres above sea level. The high altitude causes the cherries to develop slowly, resulting in a sweet, complex cup. The water at the washing station is incredibly pure and clean (it comes from the Nyungwe Rainforest and the River Nile). This, combined with the area’s nutrient-rich soil and high rainfall, contributes to a clean, bright cup of coffee.

At harvest time, the ripest cherries are picked and delivered to the washing station, where they are carefully processed using the washed method, before being laid out to dry on raised African beds. The drying process takes 10–20 days, during which time the coffee is closely sorted for defects and turned regularly to ensure it dries evenly. 


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