Seasonal Espresso Blend

Seasonal Espresso Blend
Best for Espresso
Heavy bodied with dark chocolate, orange, and caramel.
  • Santa Clara is run by 4th-generation producer Ricardo Zelaya.

  • The beautiful Antigua Valley in Guatemala where coffee from Santa Clara is grown.

  • Beans at Santa Clara are dried on raised beds, which gives Ricardo more control over the drying process.

  • Unlike most producers in El Salvador, the Alvarez brothers have their own wet and dry mills.

  • Coffee beans being hand sorted at El Borbollon.

This espresso is heavy bodied with dark chocolate, orange, and caramel.

This Seasonal Espresso Blend is made up of two coffees from Central America. The Santa Clara from Guatemala makes up 65% of the blend. This coffee is grown on the fertile southern slopes of the Volcán de Agua in the Antigua Valley, 1,600-1,830 metres above sea level.

Santa Clara Estate is run by innovative fourth-generation coffee producer Ricardo Zelaya, who is passionately committed to both quality and sustainability. The farm is scrupulously well managed – from variety selection to supervision of the milling process ­– giving Ricardo and his talented team control over quality from hand-picking right through to export. Read the interview with Ricardo here.

35% of the blend is comprised of El Borbollon from El Salvador. The Alvarez brothers are also fourth-generation coffee producers. Their two farms are located 1,400-1,500 metres above sea level, on the hills of Santa Ana, where the rich volcanic soil and mild climate provide ideal conditions for growing specialty coffee.

Unlike most producers in El Salvador, the Alvarezes have their own wet and dry mills. This enables them to separate and process their coffees by variety and picking day, giving them greater oversight and the ability to better influence the quality in the cup. 

Learn more about Guatemalan coffee.

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