Qilenso Espresso

Qilenso Espresso
Blueberry and dark chocolate, with a sweet finish.
Ethiopia | Sidamo Guji
Bourbon, Typica & Heirloom | Washed Process
Ethiopia | Sidamo Guji
Bourbon, Typica & Heirloom | Washed Process
  • Coffee cherries are delivered daily to the Qilenso washing station by 575 small producers. 

  • More recently, coffees from Guji have been separated from the wider geographical classification of 'Sidamo', and recognised for their unique and distinctive cup profile. 

  • This lot from Qilenso washing station is classified as Grade 1, indicating that only the very best coffee cherries have been selected and processed.

  • Guji is named after the Oromo people, a tribe with a long, proud history in coffee production. Most communities in the region still live rurally and make a living from farming.

This espresso tastes like blueberry and dark chocolate, with a sweet finish.

This coffee was produced in the Sidamo Guji region of Ethiopia's Southern Oromia state. It was processed at the privately owned Qilenso washing station, to which around 575 producers deliver their coffee during harvest season. 

These producers farm organically on small plots of land - averaging 0.7 hectares in size - at an altitude of 1,900-2,000 metres. Coffee is the main cash crop for families in this rural region, and it is usually grown alongside food for consumption, as well as other cash crops, such as Ethiopian bananas. 

At harvest time, the ripest cherries are hand picked and delivered to the wet mill, where they are carefully processed using the washed method. (This lot from Qilenso is classified as ‘Grade 1’, which means only the highest quality coffee cherries were selected and processed.) The beans are then dried for 10-15 days on African drying beds – first under cover and then in the sun.

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