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Baratza Encore Grinder

Baratza Encore Grinder

This grinder is our pick for plunger, pour over and other filter methods. Great value!


This compact and clever grinder is fantastic for plunger, pour over and other filter brewing methods. We tried many domestic grinders in our search for the best one, and the Baratza Encore came out as our favourite for filter coffee – we love its quality, consistency, precision and durability, and it's also great value for money.

The Encore is suitable for all filter coffee brewing methods – it grinds coarsely enough for a plunger brew and fine enough for pour over (as well as everything in between). The control mechanism is simple to use and it has 40 adjustment settings, allowing you to easily select the right grind size. 

This grinder has high quality conical steel burrs that are easy to clean, and a powerful motor with burr speed control, which reduces heat, static and noise. The Baratza is built to last – the burrs will remain sharp for years and the glass-filled thermos plastic casing increases its longevity. The burrs are also replaceable and the machine is easily repairable if needed. It comes with a one-year warranty. 

Please note: if you are looking for a good grinder that can also grind coffee for espresso, we would recommend considering this Breville grinder which is more user friendly for espresso preparation. 

If you’d like to chat to our staff about any of our grinders we are more than happy to help you via email, or you can pop into our Prahran shop for a demonstration.

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