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Floral with apple and Meyer lemon.
Ethiopia | Sidamo
Heirloom varieties | Washed Process
Ethiopia | Sidamo
Heirloom varieties | Washed Process
  • Mr Faysel is the owner of Testi Coffee.

  • Market Lane’s Jason and Milla with Testi Coffee’s agronomist, Shemelis Bogale.

  • This lot is made up of several varieties that we refer to as ‘heirloom varieties’.

  • After processing, the coffee is dried for 10-12 days on raised beds.

This coffee tastes like apple and Meyer lemon.

Coffees from Ethiopia are some of the most elegant and nuanced in the world, often identifiable by scent alone. This Ethiopian coffee comes from the Werka washing station in the country’s southeast. 750 small producers deliver their ripe cherries to the station during the harvest period.

It used to be very difficult to trace coffees back to individual farms or washing stations in Ethiopia. This is slowly changing, however, and we’re now able to form direct relationships there, enabling us to build ongoing partnerships that are focused on transparency
and quality.

One of our most important partnerships in Ethiopia is with Testi Coffee, a family-owned business that owns ten washing stations, including Werka. Testi’s aim is to secure premium prices for their quality coffees and, in turn, to pay fair and sustainable prices to
the coffee growers.

In the cup, this coffee has everything we look for in an Ethiopian coffee. It’s floral, vibrant and utterly delicious.

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