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Pedro Flores

Pedro Flores
Red apple with nectarine and peach tea.
Bolivia | Caranavi
Catuai & Caturra | Washed Process
Bolivia | Caranavi
Catuai & Caturra | Washed Process
  • Pedro Flores inherited his family’s farm at 14, and began growing coffee at 18.

  • Since he participated in Sol de la Manaña, Pedro’s coffee is of a higher quality and fetches higher prices.

  • Market Lane’s Toshi (left) and Jason (right) with Pedro on the farm.

This coffee tastes like red apple with nectarine and peach tea.

This coffee was grown by producer Pedro Flores in the Caranavi region, the epicentre of coffee production in Bolivia. Pedro has lived in Caranavi since he was six, when his family was given a plot of land in a government initiative to encourage low-income families to move to the country and find new ways to build a living. Pedro began running the farm when he was just 14 years old, and started farming coffee when he was 18.

Like many producers in the area, Pedro used to sell his coffee to the local market, which meant low prices and little reliability. For the last decade, however, he has focused on producing specialty coffee. He was an early participant in the Sol de la Manaña program, which offers intensive training to Bolivian coffee producers to help improve their yield and quality. Pedro has since completely renovated his farm and now sells his top-grade coffees for higher, more sustainable prices to lucky coffee roasters like us!

This exceptional micro-lot was grown at the highest point on Pedro’s farm, which means the ripening process was slow, allowing sugars to develop evenly, and resulting in a sweet, clean and elegant coffee. 

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