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Lychee and honey with a soft apple finish.
Rwanda | Rushashi
Red Bourbon | Washed Process
Rwanda | Rushashi
Red Bourbon | Washed Process
  • Michel Dusengimana has been the manager of Nkara since 2007

  • The washing station sits at 1856 metres, overlooking a landscape of rolling hills & rich, red earth.

  • Nkara employee Mariana Uwiringyimana carefully sorting through coffee as it dries.

This coffee tastes like lychee and honey with a soft apple finish.

This coffee was produced by members of the Dukunde Kawa cooperative and processed at the Nkara washing station. Two hundred and thirty-two local farmers grow coffee on small plots of land and deliver their ripe cherries to the washing station at harvest time.

Dukunde Kawa is a dynamic, creative cooperative that provides its 1,193 members with agricultural training in the classroom as well as on the field. The co-op also offers its farmers assistance with medical insurance and school fees.

Market Lane has been buying coffee from Dukunde Kawa since we opened in 2009. Each time we visit, we’re amazed by the new improvements that have been made. All this hard work and innovation has paid off – Dukunde Kawa members now earn at least double their previous incomes, and the cooperative consistently produces outstanding lots of coffee like this one.

This lot of coffee is made up of 100% peaberry beans. While a coffee cherry usually develops with two flat-sided seeds inside (producing the beans we’re used to seeing), it will occasionally produce a single round seed, known as a peaberry. These are small beans with a big flavour! In the cup, this coffee is bursting with notes of lychee and honey, with a soft apple finish.

Learn more about Rwanda here.

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