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Rich with blackberry jam, nectarine and a tropical acidity.

Bolivia | Samaipata
Gesha | Natural Process
Bolivia | Samaipata
Gesha | Natural Process
  • In 1986, Pedro left his accounting job to pursue his passion for coffee and agriculture. 

  • Agricafe’s farms are beautiful and extremely well organised.

  • Skilled pickers do a pass over the farm every day during harvest. 

This coffee is rich with notes of blackberry jam, nectarine and a tropical acidity.

Gesha variety coffees are famous and highly prized for their unique, complex flavours. They tend to be supremely floral, fruity and tea-like in the cup. Gesha is a fairly rare variety, as the plant grows well in just a few places, and is typically low-yielding. This makes it all the more exciting when we have one on offer at Market Lane!

This gesha coffee was produced by the talented and experienced Rodriguez family in Samaipata, a relatively new growing region in Bolivia. At harvest time, specially-trained pickers pass over the farm every single day to ensure the coffee is only picked at its prime. The Rodriguez family has found that the very ripest cherries, almost purple in colour, provide the best cup.

This coffee was processed using the natural method, in which the cherry skin is left on the outside of the bean as it dries, producing a very sweet and fruit-forward coffee. The family was careful to ensure that this processing method didn’t overpower the coffee’s unique qualities. The result is a beautifully floral and distinctive gesha coffee.

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