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Seasonal Espresso Blend

Seasonal Espresso Blend
Brown sugar and spices with mandarin sweetness.
  • Coffees from Piatã are considered to be some of Brazil’s best.

  • Colombia’s Inza region has excellent conditions for growing specialty coffee.

  • Silvia Leite is regarded as one of the leaders of specialty coffee, both in Brazil and internationally.

  • Coffee drying on the rooftop of San Antonio contributor, Maria Rosa.

  • Nancy Milena, one of the 12 producers who contributed to San Antonio.

This coffee tastes like brown sugar and spices with mandarin sweetness.

This Seasonal Espresso Blend is made up of two South American coffees, each produced by a small group of talented farmers.

50% of the blend is made up of Small Producers of Piatã from Brazil. We were introduced to this coffee by Brazilian exporter Silvio Leite, who is widely regarded as one of the world’s best cuppers and a leader in specialty coffee. Recently Silvio has been connecting with some of the newer small producers in the Piatã region to ensure the next generation of coffee producers gets the recognition and sustainable income they deserve. This lot brings together some exceptional coffees from a group of these producers.

The other half of this blend is made up of San Antonio from Colombia’s Inzá area. We sourced this coffee via the Pillimue family, who have been farming in the region for three generations and now have a warehouse and a QC lab. 200 small producers in the area pick and process their own coffee before delivering it to the family for cupping and grading. This stunning lot of coffee was produced by 12 of these farmers.

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