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Seasonal Espresso Blend

Seasonal Espresso Blend
Roasted hazelnut with orange and brown sugar.
  • Terezinha Rigno from São Judas proudly shares an article about her husband Antônio.

  • Odette Murekatete (left) and other members of the Rambagira Kawa co-op at the opening of the women’s craft and community building.

  • Toshi Ishiwata (left), Market Lane’s Head of QC and our Brazil coffee buyer, with Antônio Rigno (right) and coffee exporter and producer Silvio Leite (centre).

  • Beautiful woven baskets made by the Rambagira Kawa Cooperative in the coffee off-season.

This coffee tastes like roasted hazelnut with orange and brown sugar.

Antônio and Terezinha Rigno are known for producing exquisite coffees in Brazil’s Piatã region. The pair’s coffee has placed in the Cup of Excellence competition on ten different occasions (including in 2020). Antônio and Terezinha are also extremely important members of their coffee community, generously offering mentorship and agricultural advice to local producers. “The people in Piatã are like my family,” Antônio told us. “I want to help them produce great coffee. It’s my duty and my joy.” 70% of this espresso is made up of São Judas, produced by Antônio and Terezinha.

30% of this espresso is made up of Ruli, produced by 249 farmers who are members of the Rambagira Kawa Cooperative – an all-female group that exists within the Dukunde Kawa Co-op in Rwanda’s Northern Province. The group was formed so the female producers could share resources and support. “We share our learnings amongst each other so we can provide opinions from one to another, the group’s leader Odette Murekatete says. “Our solidarity is something we can build on.” All members of the group benefit from any higher prices paid for their coffee, which creates an incentive to work collectively towards achieving the highest quality. The result is evident in this clean and complex lot.

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