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Seasonal Espresso Blend

Seasonal Espresso Blend
Cherry sweetness and red apple with a caramel finish.
  • David Kamau is the washing station manager at Kiangundo.

  • At Santa Clara, coffee is dried on patios and then under cover on raised beds.

  • The beans at Kiangundo are sent through covered washing channels for grading by weight.         

  • “It’s a pleasure to be in the middle of a plantation. It keeps me thinking of the future, because coffee is long term” – Ricardo Zelaya

This coffee tastes of cherry sweetness and red apple with a caramel finish.

This Seasonal Espresso Blend is made up of Santa Clara (75%) from Antigua, Guatemala, and Kiangundo (25%) from Nyeri, Kenya – two delicious coffees that exemplify two different models of coffee production.

Santa Clara is a 90-hectare farm, owned and run by Ricardo Zelaya. Market Lane has been offering coffee from Santa Clara since we first opened. Ricardo is a meticulous farmer, who is focused on producing the most outstanding coffees possible and improving his output every year. He is dedicated to doing this as sustainably as possible, while taking excellent care of his team. This coffee contributes a full-bodied sweetness to the espresso.

This is the second year in a row that Market Lane has purchased coffee from Kiangundo. This coffee is produced by not one farm but many – 800 talented smallholder producers deliver their coffee to the Kiangundo washing station. These producers are all members of the Kiama Farmers’ Cooperative Society and their average farm size is half a hectare. At harvest time, the producers carefully pick their ripest coffee cherries. These are then expertly processed at the washing station, which is owned by the co-op. This coffee adds fruit notes and a lovely acidity to the blend.

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