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El Naranjal Espresso

El Naranjal Espresso
Plum wine, orange and dark chocolate.
Colombia | Ibagué
Caturra, colombia & castillo | Washed Process
Colombia | Ibagué
Caturra, colombia & castillo | Washed Process
  • Producer Carlos Julio Diaz.

  • Carlos and Maria Isabel’s grandson, Juan Julio, leads the way to the farm.

  • After a steep climb on foot, we were met with spectacular views.

  • Coffee here is grown at an impressive 1900 metres above sea level.

This coffee tastes like plum wine, orange and dark chocolate.

This micro-lot was produced by Carlos Julio Diaz on El Naranjal, the 12-hectare farm he shares with his wife Maria Isabel and their three children. Coffee here is grown at 1900 metres, and as we learned on our visit in 2019, there is no road access, so visitors must climb a very steep and slippery path up to the farm.

The climb was worth it! The views were spectacular and the extended family warmly welcomed us for lunch before showing us around their farm, which is planted with caturra, colombia and castillo varieties, as well as other crops like plantains, beans and oranges (for which the farm is named).

At peak harvest, the family employs ten skilled workers to help with picking, and the coffee cherries are then fermented for 24 hours before processing. This extended fermentation period ultimately contributes to the coffee’s winey, fruit flavours in the cup.

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