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Meet: Artist Julia Stewart

Meet: Artist Julia Stewart
10 May 2018

Julia Stewart is the talented artist behind the beautiful wrapping paper we use at Market Lane Coffee.

Julia was born and raised in Daylesford Victoria, and now lives in Melbourne. She studied painting at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, and also worked for Market Lane for many years in production.

We love Julia’s use of vibrant colour in her work, and her slightly abstracted representations of familiar and beloved shapes ­– she often draws from the natural world and references native Australian flora.

We asked Julia to tell us about some of her inspirations. Here she is, in her own words:

“I am inspired by what is around me. I like to draw widely and my subjects range from my family, friends, house, hometown and its surrounding landscapes. I draw or paint my subjects again and again until something new arises. I like to find an in-between; an image that is both recognisable and unrecognisable. The best is when I am surprised by what I see.” 

I am always inspired by colour. When starting a work, I begin with colour and think about the ways that different colour combinations make me feel. I also think about the texture of the brush strokes, the painting surface, the materiality of the paint, the gesture of the lines.”

Julia also draws inspiration from artists she admires. Some of my favourites include Felice Casorati, Grace Cossington Smith, Cressida Campbell, Tal R, Richard Diebenkorn, Sonia Delaunay and Helen Frankenthaler.”

Complementary wrapping is now available with Julia’s incredible wrapping paper in most shops and with online purchases. 


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