Meet: Yumiko Iihoshi, Japanese Ceramist

2.Un Jour 975 x 615Our inventory manager Miyuki is famous at Market Lane for her ebullient personality and her incredible style. Her impeccable eye for design extends from clothing and accessories to her choice in stationery and homewares. So when Miyuki told us she had come across some beautiful cups on a trip home to Japan, we immediately sought out the designer.

And we are so glad we did! These unique and stunning cups and saucers are handmade by Yumiko Iihoshi in Seto, Japan. We are currently offering these cups for sale exclusively at our Prahran Market shop.

Here's a quick Q&A Miyuki did with Yumiko on a recent trip to Japan...

How long have you been working as a ceramic / porcelain artist?

I studied at the Kyoto Saga University with a major in Porcelain. After graduation, I started my ceramic career with "Yumiko Iihoshi Collection", employing unique shapes and glazing methods to create original pieces inspired by the sense and functionality of a vessel. This year is my ninth year working as a porcelain artist.

What brings you happiness or a sense of achievement?

When I meet new customers. When I share my products, and feel that they are exactly the objects I hoped and intended them to be. I love the process of creating. So many people create beautiful objects, so it makes me happy that my products are desired within Japan, and in other countries, too.

What makes Un Jour Cups so special? 

My aim is for the cups to feel lovely in the hands, beautiful to look at, and highly functional as well. The name ‘Un Jour’ means ‘one day’ in French. This is because I wanted to make a unique cup for everyday use – for all the different times of day and for every usage and mood. These cups are not ornaments to put on the shelf and gather dust. They are made to be used, easily washed, and used again!


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