Job Opening: Shop Manager - Prahran Market location


Shop Manager at our Prahran Market location. 5 days a week commitment. 

Please note that previous experience in the coffee industry is not required.


Please send: a relevant CV (with references) and a cover letter to
Applications close March 6th, 2016.


As a Market Lane Shop Manager you will work directly with Market Lane’s Head of Staff and your team of dedicated baristas and retail assistants. You will be in charge of and responsible for the product and service quality provided in our Prahran location, as well as manage and support your staff and carry out staff evaluations and inductions.

As a manager you'd lead by example, meaning e.g. following our drink quality guidelines for coffee served, providing professional, warm and attentive customer service to everyone and teaching and mentoring your staff to learn and grow in their roles in coffee making, customer service and retail sales.

Keeping up with inventory, banking and ordering and quality control are a big part of the role too and require strong organisational and time management skills.

Our Prahran store is the headquarters of Market Lane Coffee - Our roasting, production, wholesale, training and office staff are all familiar faces in the Prahran store. The shop is open 7 days a week and is located in the Prahran Market along its fresh produce stalls and speciality shops.


A successful applicant must have 2+ years of hospitality or retail business management experience. You must have excellent interpersonal skills for various purposes like managing your staff, looking after your customers and reporting back to upper management.

Other qualities of a successful applicant:

  • - A professional and composed demeanour
  • - A passion for exceptional customer service
  • - An ability to offer empathetic, compassionate service
  • - Great communication skills that include an ability to be direct, constructive, and positive
  • - An ability to mentor and support your staff
  • - The ability to work in a fast paced, and sometimes high pressure environment
  • - Creative problem solving skills
  • - An ability to deliver with a sense of urgency
  • - Exceptional time management skills
  • - Comfortable asking for help and communicating needs to your supervisor
  • - An ability to delegate in a meaningful way
  • - An appreciation for quality
  • - Curiosity


Market Lane is a coffee roaster and retailer based in Melbourne. We are dedicated to sourcing, roasting and sharing exceptional coffees. We have five retail shop outlets, as well as a roasting facility and a head office at Prahran Market. We seek to work with passionate staff, producers and suppliers who care as much as we do about quality ingredients, traceability and sustainability. Our mission is to help contribute and effect positive change in the coffee industry, and we strive to educate people about the value of buying and drinking coffee that has been considered at every step of the way, with everyone’s best interests in mind.

Since we opened our doors in 2009, community has been of paramount importance to us. We are proud to be part of five unique neighbourhoods, and we value the relationships we’ve forged with our local customers and neighbouring operators. We’re also proud of the relationships we’ve built with our wholesale customers, who now include former employees who have gone on to establish their own successful coffee businesses. Finally, we work hard to build long-term, quality-focused, transparent and supportive relationships with our producing partners abroad. Most of the producers we work with have been with us since the beginning of our journey, and we love to share their stories and their beautiful coffees with our customers.

Our team is a dedicated one that is constantly striving to improve. We are looking to partner with passionate, thoughtful people, who enjoy working in a supportive, positive and collaborative environment. We’ve worked hard to maintain a flexible and responsive approach to the growth of Market Lane, while staying true to our founding principles and core values. Internally, we have around 60 staff members, and we actively seek to create a dynamic and cooperative workplace in which everyone on our team can thrive.

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