Gift Ideas for a coffee lover’s Christmas

Whether your friends and family are café regulars, home brewers, or just starting out on their magical coffee journey, here is a list of 12 gift ideas that will put a smile on their faces, on Christmas morning, and every morning after!



Pour Over Starter Kit

Pour Over is our favourite way to brew filter coffee as it lets the unique flavours of each coffee shine. It is simple, fuss-free and fun! This kit includes all the necessary start-up tools, as well as easy-to-follow instructions. We package it all up in a beautiful box ready to give to your lucky friend. $60

pour over kit box and parts


Hario Kettle

We love this stainless steel kettle and so will your special someone! It sits right on the stove while heating the water. The position and shape of the pouring spout give greater control, while the handle stays cool and finger-friendly. $70

hario kettle


Espro Plunger

This one may get its first test-run right after Christmas lunch. The Espro is like a traditional coffee plunger, but so much better! With two sets of micro filters and double-insulated walls, it produce up to 6 cups of hot, delicious, full-bodied coffee that’s clean and sediment-free. $140

espro 3 pieces


Toshi Jug

Your home barista will be perfecting those cappuccinos by New Years Day with this shiny new toy. Made from stainless steel and beautifully designed in Japan, this 12oz jug makes steaming milk and hand pouring beverages a joy. $58


Toshi Jug and Box


Breville Grinder

A stellar tool that will take any coffee lover’s espresso game to the next level. This electric grinder for home is compact, efficient, and easy to use and clean. Most importantly, it produces excellent quality ground coffee, and it will look stunning with a red bow around it on the kitchen counter this Christmas! $299 



The World Atlas of Coffee

Coffee newbies and seasoned pros alike will love this comprehensive book, written by champion barista and world-famous coffee expert James Hoffmann. This is the perfect gift for the coffee drinker who’s curious about the history, science, geography and even politics behind everyone’s favourite beverage. $40

Atlas closed and open


Jet Set Kit

The travel alarm clock has been replaced by the iPhone and the bum-bag fad is (thankfully) behind us. But you know what your coffee-loving traveller will actually use on their trip? This handy little kit, which includes all the tools they’ll need to make delicious coffee, no matter where their journey takes them. $150


jet set kit box and parts


Stelton Jug

`Tis the season to be jolly, and drink coffee…and have barbies on the beach and picnics in the park. This beautiful Scandinavian vacuum jug will fit snugly in the picnic basket or the tote bag. It is perfect for keeping freshly brewed coffee at drinking temperature, and its tilting lid makes pouring super easy and spill safe. $119



Dulce Sugar

Make someone’s holidays a little sweeter with this beautiful, organic Costa Rican sugar. Made from unrefined, evaporated cane juice, Dulce is packed with minerals, has a soft, crumbly texture, and tastes incredible. We love it with porridge, in a rum cocktail with mint, and on grilled peaches on the BBQ. $11

dulce sugar x3


Digital Pocket Scales

Let’s all agree to ignore the bathroom scales this December, and focus on scales for the kitchen instead! These small, well-priced digital gram scales are perfect for weighing out water and beans for brewing, which helps make a consistent, balanced and delicious cup of coffee every time. $35

MLdigital pocket scale


Roberta Cup - Sorry, these are now sold out.

The one thing that makes a delicious coffee even more enjoyable is a beautiful cup to drink it from. ‘Roberta cups’ are made exclusively for Market Lane by Daylesford ceramicist Roberta Gartland in her garden studio. These beauties are made with Tasmanian ice porcelain, and each one is hand thrown and glazed, and entirely unique. $38

roberts cups x3


Coffee Club Subscription

The gift that (literally) keeps on giving, for the coffee lovers in your life. With a Coffee Club subscription, they will get a bag of delicious, freshly roasted coffee delivered to their door every 2 weeks, along with a photo of the farm, and a note about what makes the coffee special. Best gift ever! $120/$240/$480


cc box stack with ribbon



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