Porlex coffee grinder

Porlex coffee grinder
This compact & sturdy stainless steel ceramic burr grinder is easy to use, and great for home use and travel. With an updated design that means the handle stays firmly in place. We never take a trip without it!

We've been looking for a great travel grinder for a long time, and we're excited to have finally found this Porlex hand grinder. It's perfect for travelling - the hand crank comes off easily and the body is made from stainless steel, so it can take a tussle in the suitcase.

The ceramic burrs stay sharper longer than steel burrs, and stay cooler when you grind a lot of coffee. The grind size is adjustable from inside the ground coffee compartment, and ranges from very coarse Plunger all the way through to Turkish.

We never leave town without this grinder, and we also use it to make single-cup brews at home. It is super compact, with a height of only 130cm and weight of just under 250g. The hopper can hold around 30g of coffee at a time.

This grinder is super easy to clean. It also fits snugly inside the Aeropress for the perfect travel coffee set-up!