São Judas

São Judas
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Roasted hazelnuts and chocolate with a honey sweetness.
Brazil | Bahia
Catuai | Pulped Natural Process
Brazil | Bahia
Catuai | Pulped Natural Process
  • Farm owner and manager, Antonio Rigno de Oliveira.

  • São Judas is located in Brazil's beautiful Bahia region.

  • On a recent visit to São Judas, Teresa (Antonio's wife) made us pão de queijo, a traditional Brazilian bread.

  • Healthy coffee trees at São Judas farm.

  • São Judas owner and manager Antonio amongst his flowering coffee trees.

This coffee tastes like roasted hazelnuts and chocolate with a honey sweetness.

Fazenda São Judas Tadeu is located in the Chapada Diamantina region of Brazil’s Bahia state, 1,340 metres above sea level. The farm is owned and managed by the inspiring Antonio Rigno, who has been farming coffee in the region for more than 30 years.

The farm extends over 35 hectares, of which 15 are planted with coffee, mainly of the Catuaí variety. Antonio farms as sustainably as possible, recycling coffee pulp as fertiliser, planting Gravelas trees for shade in the coffee plantation, and protecting and extending the farm’s natural forest.

At harvest time, Antonio’s highly skilled employees pick only the ripest coffee cherries and deliver them to the farm’s wet mill. The coffee is then processed via the pulped natural method: the skin and fruit are removed and the sticky, parchment-covered beans are sun-dried on patios and regularly raked as they dry.

Antonio is highly respected in the Piatã community, with many farmers looking to him for advice. His coffees have won awards in the Bahia state Coffee Quality Competition, as well as the international Cup of Excellence competition. (He placed 2nd in the COE in 2014, and won 1st place in 2015. Very impressive!)

In the cup, this coffee has notes of roasted hazelnut and chocolate, with a honey sweetness.