Seasonal Espresso

Seasonal Espresso
Dark chocolate and peach, with an orange finish.
  • Epiphanie was able to buy her first washing station, Remera (where the Muduha was processed) from a loan received in the post-genocide rebuilding. She is pictured here with her son Sam, who manages the family business, Buf Coffee.

  • Antonio Rigno is the producer of the Brazil component of this blend, and is the unofficial coffee patriarch of his region.

  • Ruby red coffee cherries being sorted by density at the Remera washing station, where the Muduha beans were processed.

  • Women play a major role in the production of coffee in Rwanda - notably in the country's washing stations. Cherry sorting, as shown, is a much valued and sought-after job.

  • At Corrego Seco, coffee is spread out on patios, protected by this large greenhouse-like structure, to ensure that it dries at the appropriate rate.

This espresso blend has notes of dark chocolate & peach with an orange finish.

75% of this espresso blend is made up of Corrego Seco from the town of Piatã in Brazil. Producer Antonio Rigno is the area’s unofficial coffee patriarch. He owns four farms and, over the last decade, he’s worked with his neighbours and surrounding community – processing coffee at his wet mill and providing advice on how to refine agricultural practice and improve coffee quality. Antonio’s wife, Terezinha, manages Fazenda Corrego Seco and also runs a small café in town. This coffee was grown 1,330 metres above sea level and processed using the pulped natural method.

25% of the blend is made up of Muduha from Rwanda. This coffee is produced by a single group of 40-50 farmers that processes its coffee at the Remera washing station. Remera is owned by Buf Coffee, which was founded by the extraordinary Epiphanie Mukashyaka, who tragically lost her husband and many family members during the Rwandan genocide, and has since dedicated her life to supporting her children and her community through the production of specialty coffee. Buf is now managed by Epiphanie’s talented son Samuel Muhirwa. This coffee was grown 1,935 metres above sea level and processed using the fully washed method.

On its own, Corrego Seco has notes of dark chocolate and peach, and the Muduha tastes like black tea and caramel. When blended together, these coffees create a delicious espresso blend that has notes of dark chocolate and peach and an orange finish. As with all our blends, this one tastes great on its own, as well as when paired with milk.