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Our Sugar

Posted by Fleur Studd on November 17, 2009
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We think our coffee tastes best without sugar and encourage you to try it before adding any. We do appreciate, however, that some people prefer their coffee a little sweeter, so we went on a hunt for a delicious sugar to complement our coffee, and keep our sweet-toothed customers happy. The one we chose is a sugar used by Monmouth Coffee in the UK. It is a single estate Costa Rican 'rapadura' sugar.

Rapadura is an evaporated cane juice. Unlike more refined sugars, it is not heated and spun to transform it into a crystalised form, and, as a result, it is much richer in vitamins and minerals. It is also much easier for the body to digest, and is metabolised more slowly than white sugar.

We love this sugar for its unique flavour. It has lovely notes of caramel, which add a unique dimension to the coffee.

Come down to the café and try a cheeky teaspoonful – then try drinking your coffee unsweetened. Your dentist will thank us – and you just might like it that way, too!

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