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Hook Turn into a BYO Coffee Cup

Posted by Market Lane on September 30, 2010
Filed under Market Lane News

There aren't many things we prioritise above coffee at Market Lane, but looking after the planet is definitely one of them. Luckily HookTurn Industries have come up with their silicone BYO Coffee Cups, so we can have our proverbial (coffee flavoured) cake and eat it too.

These little numbers are made from sand – the most abundant and accessable natural resource in the world – meaning they're completely removed from the petrochemical loop of plastics production. The folk at HookTurn have done their homework too, having calculated the environmental impact of producing one of these BYO cups to be saving resources after only the tenth use.

What about when you have one of these BYO cups in your hot little hand? Well, your hand won't be hot for starters. The silicone is a great insulator, keeping the contents hot and the outside cool. Silicone is also practically unbreakable, grips to your bench or desk, and once the lid is on no matter how hard you squeeze it won't accidentally pop off. And they are, frankly, very good looking.

So for those who drink their coffee on the go, add a little bit of style as you sip. Get yourself a BYO Coffee Cup, available in black on white or white on black. The 8 oz size is just $11 from our website or pick one up in person from Market Lane Coffee.

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